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too deep (live from brooklyn)

The things happening in Syria are so far removed from my daily experience that it’s hard to believe they’re real.  And yet there are so many people,  just like me,  and just like all of us,  whose lives have been changed forever — by other people just like us. 

Those in the midst of it have a hard time seeing it that way.  And most on the outside don’t see it that way either.  There’s the good guys and the bad guys,  the crazy and the sane.  Those with the power and those without.  Certainly,  if someone was trying to kill me I’d have a very hard time not seeing them as being in complete opposition to everything that is me.

But it’s the forgetting that we are the same that allows us to act like we’re not.

And while real time on the ground situations and solutions are extremely complex,  when you get down to the root of everything that grows into hatred and war,  it’s the belief that we’re separate.  We’ve gotten it twisted.  And we’ve ALL got all mental programs running that prevent us from acting in the interest of a truly collective good (if we didn’t,  the world’s food surplus would mean no starving people).

Since I am one person, and all of this is totally overwhelming,  I want to start today with myself:  with how I can shift my way of being in the world to something that spreads peace instead of separation. 

There are different methods for breaking through limiting beliefs and all the general bullshit the mind comes up with that creates violence both external and internal.  One of the quickest I know is through the body:  dancing our collective ass off until the sweat drowns out our thoughts and we’re just a big group of flailing fools having a damn good time moving to the same beat.  It’s a shortcut to remembrance of the fact that we’re all one. 

No matter how identified with the illusion of separateness we’ve been, no matter how much we’ve hated or judged,  when we step out of the mind and onto the dance floor,  we are offered the chance to transcend what limits us again and again and again.

That’s all I’ve got today.  There is no singular answer that will solve everything.  But this is something.  Let’s come together and dance for something bigger.  Let’s get down into the beauty of who we really are. 

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